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Culinary training among classes at Leesburg Library

January 15, 2015 - Last week, the series hosted nationally recognized Chef Warren Caterson. Chef Warren is best known for his cookbook series “Cooking for Two. Chef Warren gave the class participants tips on how to shop small and store ingredients properly to have on hand for your next recipe. Here are a few tips he shared with us -- Read the entire article at the

Author's Talk! featuring Chef Warren Caterson

December 6 - Chef author Warren Caterson presents his book "Table for Two" and performs a cooking demonstration at the Hudson Regional Library. Video brought to you by Pasco County Libraries.

Chef Warren Caterson Column: Florida's underrated beef industry

When you think of the origins of that great steak or beef roast you had the other night, where does your mind wander? To the grazing lands in the shadows of the Rockies? The stockyards of the Midwest? Exotic locales like the Matsusaka region of Japan or the Margaret River region of Western Australia? If it did, no one would blame you because these areas are noted for their beef production.But did you know Florida was right up there with them?Me neither. Until a couple of years ago.

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PVB forum featuring Chef Caterson

PONTE VEDRA BEACH - Award-winning cookbook author Chef WarrenCaterson will be welcomed Jan. 14 for what is being described...6:30 p.m. Jan. 14 at the Ponte Vedra Library. Warren, who serves up dozens of kitchen tips, cooking hints and...

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